Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Literary Festival Takes Shape

So much is happening and there is so much to do that I am still wanting more hours in the day! At least things are taking shape for the Literary Festival in October and this is good news. We have a first class line-up of authors and I have made sure that there is a good variety of people who will appeal to everyone. We have a wonderful writer of commercial women's fiction who will interest the younger people of the town, a military biographer to entertain our retired army and navy gentlemen, and a whole host of fascinating authors and poets who will be talking about their work in various venues in Sherborne. As well as authors we are lucky to have Lorna V coming to enthuse people, with her wide knowledge of writing and publishing. Check out her website. And author and broadcaster, Peter Hobday (remember him on The World at One?) is coming to chair a debate.

Joanne Harris gave us an excellent talk on 12 July despite being in a marquee and it bucketting down with rain.  She wrote and said how much she enjoyed it and that bodes well for the Festival.

And now the sun is shining at last, and promises to shine for several days. So we will all start moaning about having to water the garden and the water companies will threaten hosepipe bans. But that's what living in England is all about!