Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome To My New Blog!

Today it is raining and everything is a depressing grey. I keep thinking how good the rain is going to be for the garden and I shall be spared the chore of watering. Watering takes me about half an hour which is not long but I find every excuse not to do it until the last minute when it is usually getting dark.

The farmer has put sheep into the field at the end of the garden. They are pretty inquisitive and keep staring at us over the gate. I think we are going to have to get a proper fastening for the gate. At the moment it is held together by string and if the sheep keep pushing at it is going to open and they will all crowd in and cause mayhem! I can’t bear the thought of that happening particularly as I have been working hard in the garden to try and keep it in some sort of order.

Life is very hard at present because we are opening up the inglenook fireplace in my study and putting in a wood burning stove. If we have as cold a winter as last year it will be wonderful. Meanwhile, I am camping out with my laptop in the dining room and this is working quite well – until I need something from the study which is currently swathed in dustsheets making most things inaccessible. But in another two weeks it may be back to normal.

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